Jane Dixon Seeks District 1 Commission Seat

The primary role of a Dade County Commissioner is to administer the general operations of the county government. This responsibility should focus on the representation of all county citizens for the betterment of the future and with respect for the past.

As a citizen of Dade County, I would hold this responsibility as an honor. I have made the decision to seek to serve as a commissioner based on my interest in participating and desire to serve in the Dade County government process.

My name is Jane Dixon and I enter this election process with experience as a past small business owner, a retired public- school administrator and teacher, a small independent farmer, and a daylily grower. I am an experienced leader, have served on numerous boards as a volunteer citizen, and have years of experience in public service and collaborative decision making. I reside on Creek Road in District 1.

I have been fortunate to meet many community members and I contribute to the community with my participation in the Trenton-Dade Optimist Club. Programs and functions of the Optimist Club have afforded me the opportunity to become acquainted with school personnel, youth in the community, parents, senior citizens, leaders in our government and citizens throughout the county. My respect for our community history includes those who were forerunners of our prosperity, and my vision for our youth would influence my decision-making process.

I believe that governments must operate financially within their generated funds. If financial needs rise beyond revenue, adjustments must be made to expenditures or ways to increase revenue must be examined. I am a citizen that lives within my means and adjust my personal wants to my responsible commitment to living. I am a good steward of the gifts I have been given and would govern in the same manner.

As a commissioner, I would welcome input from fellow citizens and develop working relationships with other commissioners and community members.

I ask the voters of Dade to support me as candidate for commissioner from District 1. I ask you to join a community-wide effort to elect Jane Dixon, a hard-working citizen, who chooses to represent with a servant spirit.

Thank you for your willingness to vote for me in the local primary in May and again in the November general election. I can be contacted at votejane2018@gmail.com, and contributions can be forwarded to 751 Creek Road, Wildwood, Ga. 30757. Thanks to all that will choose my voice and vote on the Dade County Commission.

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