Keep the Carpetbagging Yankees From Exploiting Our School System!


Editor's Note: Colton Moore is a Republican candidate for District 1 representative in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Let's keep the carpetbagging Yankees from exploiting our school system!

65/5 will ALWAYS be protected if I’m elected as representative. Members of our community 65 and older who have contributed their lives and tax dollars deserve to be exempted from school tax. Property taxes are a serious burden to those with limited financial resources.

I pay $1350 a year in property taxes myself. I don’t have kids in school, and I don’t get an exemption. Should I get a school tax exemption? No, I haven’t put in 65 years of contributions to Dade County. So why should OUTSIDERS 65-plus who buy extravagant properties, without ties or contributions to our community, be exempted from school property tax?

This is why I believe an extra 5 should be added to 65/5, meaning a person must have owned their property for at least 5 years before taking advantage of the exemption at 65.

A state representative is not an all-powerful king. Change can only be made if approved for a local ballot by Georgia’s legislature and then all Dade County residents have a chance to voice their say.

If you have any questions, please give me a call at (423) 508-2195.

--Colton Moore

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