Dade 4-H News: Cardboard Boxes Still The Best Toys

The Dade County 4-H BB team and coaches.

You know that feeling you get when you plan an event and it works out better than expected? Our new Junior Teen Leaders have been chomping at the bit to come back to the Ag Center to help with some project, any project, when, when, when. So we scheduled a meeting after school last week for them to make decorations for our upcoming awards night and set up the arena for the Tri-State Beekeepers Association meeting that evening.

The group was given a pile of cardboard boxes, paint, glue, scissors, tape and some pictures of farm-themed table decorations, and told to create table decorations for the finger foods table. You have never seen such a flurry of cutting, taping and painting. Apparently cardboard boxes are still the best entertainment a child could have. They designed a barn with silos, a tractor with wagon, a pig pen with pig, and more! They also put another coat of paint on the wildflower garden wheelbarrow. We have a great group of helpers!

The Dade County 4-H BB teams competed at the Northwest Area BB Qualification Match in Gordon County on April 14. They did a great job of representing Dade County.

The teams will be taking a break for the summer and starting back next school year. We would like to thank the coaches—Daniel Jones, John Price and Chip Geddie—for the time and encouragement they put into training our 4-H’ers.

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