Vote on Tuesday (Or Stop Kvetching Already)!

District 2 contenders Phillip Hartline (left) and (incumbent) Scottie Pittman at a debate before the May 22 primary.

Dade County voters are hereby reminded that Tuesday is Election Day in the primary runoffs. Statewide, Republicans must choose their candidate for governor and there are a couple of lower-profile offices still to be decided for both parties.

At the center of the universe, though, the big race here is for the District 2 Dade County Commission seat in the Republican primary. For that slot, there is no Democratic contender to be faced in November so tomorrow's vote will decide who will be speaking for Sand Mountain on the county commission come January.

The two District 2 candidates are 16-year-incumbent Scottie Pittman and challenger Phillip Hartline. Pittman in the May 22 primary had 747 votes to Phillip Hartline's 700, but another 664 votes were divided between two other contenders for the Sand Mountain seat.

If the above numbers look like a low turnout for Dade's over 10,000 registered voters (the May 22 turnout was, in fact, about 26 percent) poll worker Randy Atkins said early voting for the runoff has been worse. On Thursday, when The Planet asked, only 344 voters had showed up for early voting. "That's our worst ever," said Atkins. By this morning, including mail-in ballots, the count was up to 373.

Polls are open on Tuesday 7 a.m.-7 p.m. in all precincts.

The Planet will, barring nuclear attack or atomization by asteroid, report faithfully on the results of the July 24 runoff.

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