Veterans Day Parade: Small and Perfect

(Photos by The Dade Planet and The Planet's stupendous and incomparable Art Department)

Friday was cold, Sunday was cloudy and Monday is turning out cold, cloudy and rainy to boot--but Saturday was pretty ​​damn perfect. Which was just as well, because that's when the annual Dade County Veterans Parade was held. It was a small but perfect event.

Breezes started out brash in the a.m. and may have kept the faint of heart in their cozy beds, but by noon downtown Trenton was temperate enough for couture no more Arctic than a sweatshirt and the sun had extended its golden warmth to reward those brave enough to venture out. Also, there was candy.

It started out with the usual hard candy and little gummy whatnots dispensed by the smiling veterans from their vehicles, which The Planet was able to pass nobly on to nearby children without too painful an exertion of self- control. But Veterans Day being but two weeks removed from Halloween, tiny Milky Ways and Butterfingers were still on the qui vive and The Planet may have lost a skirmish or two to those. Then there was one brief ugly internecine war between The Planet and The Planet's stupendous and incomparable Art Department over the one fun-size Snickers that landed sole and winsome on the sidewalk; but otherwise it was all peace and sunshine as Dade turned out to salute those who had served in the armed forces.

Didn't make it this year? Please enjoy these snaps by The Planet and The Planet's stupendous and incomparable Art Department--and please consider coming out to the next one! The great advantage of living in a small community is the way members make the most of each other. Big-city veterans may feel anonymous and alone; the ones here know they're loved. And there is a certain basic sweetness about belonging, about communing with the community.

Also, there is candy.

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