Three Announce for Trenton Police Commissioner So Far; Qualifying Ends Wednesday at Noon

Qualifying ends Wednesday at noon for the special March 19 city of Trenton election. Hours today are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and interested applicants should inquire at the Dade Board of Elections in the county Administrative Building rather than at City Hall. Qualifying costs $108, which represents 3 percent of the base pay for the elected office.

To be elected this year is a new police commissioner to serve out the unexpired term of Trenton's longtime incumbent, Sandra Gray. Ms. Gray left her post in September 2018 after having been reelected only the previous November, upon the occasion of her marriage and subsequent change of residence outside Trenton city limits.

Dade election director Lowanna Vaughn reported Tuesday morning that so far three candidates have qualified: Kirk Forshee, Johnny Taylor and Mike Norris.

Candidates desiring to introduce themselves to the public in The Dade Planet should send their intros and a photo to

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