Water Board Local Legislation Resolution to be Considered Thursday

The Dade County Commission will hold a special called meeting at 5 p.m. this Thursday, Jan. 24, in the county Administrative Building for the purpose of considering for approval a joint Trenton/Dade resolution to amend the governing board of the Dade County Water Authority.

This meeting follows a special joint meeting last week of the city and county governments with the water board to hash out how the water board will look going forward. The three bodies agreed to include on the water board a representative from the city of Trenton as well as from the four Dade voting districts; to appoint members for five-year terms; to allow the members to choose their own chairperson, who will have full voting powers; and to exclude from the board anyone elected to the city or county commissions, working for either government or for the water company, or anyone related or married to any of the preceding--though the county attorney warned there might be trouble with that one at the state level.

At the Thursday meeting the county officials will consider the document their attorney has prepared for them following last week's brainstorming session, which now takes the form of a request for legislation at the state level to make the desired changes.The resolution must be in legislators' hands by Feb. 1 to be considered during this session.

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