City Commission Approves Water Board Reshuffle

(File shot of the Trenton City Commission)

In a meeting that was over a few seconds before it was scheduled to begin, the Trenton City Commission on Wednesday formally approved a joint resolution with the Dade County Commission reshaping the governing board of the Dade Water Authority, or so-called water board. The resolution will now go before Georgia lawmakers for local legislation to enact the changes agreed to by the two bodies along with water board members.

The changes will give the city of Trenton a representative on the water board, remove the elected county executive from its chairmanship, and bar those closely connected to the city or county governments, as well as water company employees, from sitting on the board. There is also a ban on the spouses and close relations of these classes.

The water board had been similarly reshuffled less than 10 years ago, but in its scramble to beat a Feb. 1 deadline for delivering the approved resolution to the state legislature, the city commission did make a little local history: It held a meeting on a Wednesday night, a prerogative normally reserved for church Bible study groups in these parts.

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