Cops Gift Teddy Bears to Tots

Editor's Note: Sgt. Chad Payne is information officer for the Dade County Sheriff's Office.

A positive relationship between children and law Enforcement is crucial, and is established by the profession’s ability to create and build that relationship. Law Enforcement has an obligation to create, build and strengthen the bonds with our children, so that the upcoming generation has respect and affection for police officers.

No Officer ever wants a child to fear him or her, but instead know that they can come to police if they ever need help.

Our local Fraternal Order of Police Lodge (#86) recognizes this need, and with help from local community donors, has provided us with numerous police- themed stuffed animals to give to children. This initiative hopes to build and reinforce that relationship while showing children that officers are there to help.

Other initiatives within our community that attempt to create and build the bond between children and law enforcement are: the Fraternal Order of Police’s “Cops & Kids” at Christmas; Trenton Police Department’s “Touch a Truck” day; the Dade County Sheriff’s Office “CHAMPS” Program; and the DCSO's “Hope For the Holidays.”

Each deputy with the Dade County Sheriff’s Office, as well as each officer with the Trenton Police Department, will receive these bears to give to children. These contacts with children could be while investigating domestics, during a motor vehicle accident, or at any other time a deputy of officer feels the need to brighten a child’s day. No matter the situation, making a child happier, while also building the image of the police, is the main goal.

(Photo: From left, Trenton PD Chief Christy Smith and officers Tamara Clayton and Chip Geddie; Sgt. Chad Payne, K-9 Officer Daisy and Sheriff Ray Cross of the DCSO; and Carlton Stallings of the Fraternal Order of Police.)

Dade Sheriff Ray Cross wants to express thanks to our local Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #86, as well as to all the community donors who gave to this initiative. For more information on how you can donate, contact the Dade County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 657-3233 or the Trenton Police Department at (706) 657-4167.

--Sgt. Chad Payne

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