Semi-Pro Wolverines Football Comes to Trenton--Time to Sign Up!

This could be you! Sign-ups for Dade semi-pro football start this Saturday at 9 a.m. at Dade High.

​Ron Rench loves football. Now he's ready to bring semi-pro football to Trenton with its own team. All he needs is you!

For all you football athletes out there, the time is now to sign up and be part of Dade county's new semi-pro team, the Wolverines. Sign-ups ($25) start this Saturday, Feb. 9, at Dade County High School from 9 a.m.-noon. More signup opportunities will be on the following two Saturdays (Feb. 16 and Feb. 23), with the first practice starting soon thereafter.

You must be 18 or older to play. Teams do not have a limit on their number of players but usually fall in the 40-to-50 players per team range.

Ron is no stranger to football. Ron was once a two-time all-state high-school lineman in Ohio who then went on to play at the collegiate level and later ended up playing semi-pro. After his playing years he became a coordinator for Chattanooga's semi-pro team. Now he's putting together his own all-star coaching team to lead the region’s best into some fun weekend football starting this spring, playing at the DCHS field on Saturdays.

Ron will be general manager for the team but he's bringing in some other very good talent with him. The Wolverines' head coach will be Skip Pool, who won two European Championships and has recently moved to the area. David Powell of our local lineman’s school will be working with Ron as offensive coordinator. Not only is he one of Trenton’s successful businessmen but he's also an all-American Semi-Pro Hall of Fame player with a brilliant football mind.

Another talented Wolverines coach happens to be a local minister, Ryan Rivers, who will coach the defensive backs and safeties. Speaking of local clergy, our semi-pro Wolverines team chaplin will be Trenton United Methodist’s own pastor, Dr. Brad Scott. I had to ask what motivated Ron to initiate such an endeavor. His first response was his love for the game. But he also quickly added a desire to give back to the community and offer good clean family fun on summer Saturdays where locals can get together and watch some football.

Ron could not say enough about the generosity and contribution of Dade County High School, without whose support this could not have happened. DCHS will be contributing its field for the Wolverines' Saturday home games, which will start in early June and last through the summer.

Check out, like and follow the Wolverines' FaceBook page at:

If you cannot come out and play, then come out and support our Wolverines. Be a fun football fan for the semi-pro Wolverines on summer Saturdays starting this spring at Dade County High School!

Come watch your neighbors play.

--John Hess

The Planet is thrilled to introduce its new sports/feature writer, John Hess. John recently moved from Atlanta to the Trenton area to enjoy hang gliding and small-town life. A Georgia Tech graduate, John served in the Peace Corps in Morocco and later earned a master's degree in business in Paris. (Oui, il parle français! ) He then had an extensive career in investment consulting that culminated in a job as global head of research for a Fortune 500 company.

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