Incumbents Win Local Races By Landslide

May 25, 2016


The cake County Executive Ted Rumley's office

ordered for the apres-election celebration reads

"Best Boss Ever" rather than "Congratulations,"

perhaps to be on the safe side. But with Rumley's

landslide victory, both messages are in order--

The Boss is still the Boss!   



        Here’s the Dade County election news, still hot off the polls from Tuesday’s Republican primary: The Sheriff is still the Sheriff, the Coroner is still the Coroner and, by a breathtaking margin, the Boss is still the Boss. County Executive Chairman, that is.

Oh, and District 4 will still be represented by Allan Bradford on the county commission.

            By the time two school board candidates had ducked out of the race, one only last week, only four county elected officials faced challenges, and none of those challenges amounted to much in the end as all four incumbents won the day by landslides. Here’s the final count:

            County Executive Chairman: Incumbent Ted Rumley with 1370 votes had more than Cliff Auman’s 435 and Wes Hixon’s 416 combined. Sheriff Ray Cross at 1586 votes had more than double Danny Ellis’s 662. District 4 Commissioner Allan Bradford at 1527 votes beat Jamey Blevins, who had 634, by about the same margin. The coroner’s race was closest, at Johnny Gray’s 1291 to Courtney Gross’s 900.

            Poll officials said turnout was a miserable 29.4 percent. They said 2375 ballots had been cast with 7934 registered to vote in this election, out of Dade’s roughly 16,000 population.

            These numbers included paper ballots counted manually after ballots from the seven voting precincts had been tallied. But the count is not official until the numbers are formally certified several days from now.

             Only one candidate in local races ran as a Democrat, and she was unopposed.





 A prison trusty arrives at the Dade Administrative Building with voting data from one of the voting precincts.




















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