Hey, you! Yes, YOU! Send the Library Your Dade Picture. DO IT NOW

March 14, 2017

At every Trenton City Commission meeting, Dade County Commission, library event, civic ceremony, public hanging or hog-callin' for the last several months, Dade Public Library manager Marshana Sharp has risen to her feet and asked listeners:


"Do you have a photograph that says to you, 'This is Dade County?' If so, please share it!"


She has begged Dade Countians to bring in their treasured snaps old and new: No fear, she assures, the library staff will scan them and hand them back. Or send her pics digitally, she invites, to msharp@chrl.org.


After several months and God knows how much wear and tear on Ms. Sharp's lungs, these efforts have yielded: 25 photos.


The photos are to be bound in a book called Captured: Dade County’s Living History, and shown off a reception from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on March 31. But before that date, what Ms. Sharp would like to see is a few more photos!


So. Do you have some you can share? Ms. Sharp says you'd be astonished what she has not received. For example, absolutely no one sent her pictures of Cloudland Canyon or Johnson's Crook, such as the one of the Waterfall House above, which The Planet pledges to send forthwith.


Ms. Sharp urges readers not to assume others have already sent photos of their favorite landmarks! Don't think photos have to be historical--today's young is tomorrow's old! Too much is better than not enough! Send 'em in and keep 'em coming! The only caveat is if people are depicted they must have consented to have their photograph taken.


Here's that email address again: msharp@chrl.org. Or call (706) 657-7857 for more information.

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