Dade County Arrest Report Sept. 8-14

September 15, 2017

 These are arrests reported by the Dade County Sheriff’s Office for the week of Sept. 8-14, 2017. All arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.


Sept. 8

CHAMBERS, DANIEL WAYNE, 27, of Trenton, for Terroristic Threats and Acts.


WESTBROOK, JOSEPH MICHAEL, 39, of Pisgah, Ala., Probation Violation.


Sept. 9

GASS, CHARLES WESLEY, 38, of Trenton, for Failure to Register as Sex Offender/Failure to Comply with Requirements.


Sept. 10

KOVACEVICH, KENNETH R., 63, of Wildwood, for Open Container Violation Beer/Ale/Porter/Stout/Other Similar Beverages, DUI-Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked, Improper Lane Change/Failure to Maintain Lane Offense.


Sept. 11

CONLEY, TINA LOUISE, 52, of West Point, Ky., for Criminal Trespass Offense.


 Sept. 12

HENDERSON, KAYLA MARIE, 18, of Chattanooga, for Marajuana-possess less than 1 oz., Lighted Headlights/Other Lights Required 1/2 Hours After Sunset - 1/2 Hour Before Sunrise,  Possession and Use of Drug-Related Objects, Speeding.


MASSENGALE, REX MARSHALL, 31, of Wildwood, for Theft by Taking-Felony.


OKELLEY, PAUL CLINTON Jr., 41, for Marijuana-possess less than 1 oz, Tag Light Required, Too Fast For Conditions,  DUI-Driving Under the Influence of Multiple Substances.


Sept. 13

TAYLOR, BOBBY JOE, 34, of Trenton, for Failure to Appear-Felony.


Sept. 14

SCHOLL, DERICK WAYNE, 28, of Trenton, for Aggravated Stalking.

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