Around Our Town: A Pictorial Perambulation (With Practical Pointers and Pertinent Points) Through Trenton

September 29, 2017

Yes! It's time for another of this publication's periodic pictorial perambulations through the peaceful purlieus and pulchritudinous plazas of our particular place on the planet.  



​​First of all, please note that the Mexican petunias in the traffic circle garden in front of the Dade historic courthouse--lovingly tended by Eloise Gass and Trenton Tree City--are blooming their purple little hearts out! The Planet's sagacious garden columnist, master gardener Ann Bartlett, informs The Planet these flowers are properly called ruella, that they are tropical flowers that adore heat and humidity, and that the reason they bloom so beautifully in the traffic circle, as opposed to The Planet's garden, is the heat of all that asphalt. So. The stuff is good for something! And BTW, you can read Bartlett on Gardening every Saturday in The Planet!


Speaking o' flowers, The Planet noticed that Dade's own garden center, Glass Farm on Highway 11 South (right) , is open for fall business, with a full assortment of mums and pansies for your autumnal planting pleasures. 






Glass Farm operates seasonally. Please also note that The Lily Pad--whence the picturesque pile o' pumpkins at left--is open year 'round and also offers mums, pansies and seasonal flowers. On top of all that, The Lily Pad, located on Main Street just north of town, has recently expanded into "The Quilter's Garden"  and offers quilting services and lessons.



 And here's a Useful Update: Trenton's one and only health food store has taken a hike! For years, located next to the Subway on Highway 136 West, the store has now migrated down the dogleg of Trenton's central intersection to the corner of Highway 11 and 136 East, across from Moore Funeral Home, in the site of the old shoe store. Store personnel say they were sick of "all the traffic" and find this intersection, thoughtfully furnished with a traffic light, a lot less stressful.


Ditmars on the Move! And here's another change you'll want to note: Zach Ditmar has bought the old Morning Star dry cleaning business and reopened it as Mountain Valley Dry Cleaning. Which is an item of interest, but for those of us constantly foraging for something to eat in town, here's an even more important datum: Ditmar's wife, Lynda, has moved her "Li'l Chicken Coop" sandwich-and-wrap business to the dry cleaner's parking lot, and says she'll shortly relocate to the corner space in the same building. The Ditmars' new site is right across from Citizens Bank and Trust and in front of Dade's new courts facility. 


Trentonians will remember the Ditmars from their Jo Mama's Sandwiches and Wraps, which filled every table of a Friday lunchtime. The couple closed it to give Zach more time for his other job as pastor of a small Baptist church. He says that the location and pace of the dry cleaning business should allow him to confer with any of his parishioners who care to stop by. So: Dry cleaning; chicken sandwiches; pastoral counseling. What else could you ask? Passport photos? Back scratchers?


And on the subject of restaurants, Trenton was down one for a while with the closure of Café 106, located in the American Legion hall on North Main. The Planet is pleased to announce that that establishment reopened Sunday under new management. It is now open for breakfast and lunch. Stop by and ask for specifics--lunch starts at 11 a.m. on weekdays and features meat-and-veg daily specials.



Finally, please notice that it's always a beautiful time of year to be a magnolia tree. The gorgeous old magnolias around the Trenton town square are bedecked at this season with their weird but winsome smooth pink cones. Remember to stop and admire them as you walk by.


Thanks for your companionship, and remember to check back with The Dade Planet for more periodic installments of Around Our Town.






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