Perps in Friday's Car Chase, Wreck, Two Teenaged Girls

October 23, 2017

(Photo of aftermath of Friday's chase courtesy of Dade County Sheriff's Office.)


The two suspects in last Friday’s stolen-car chase, wreck and subsequent extraction have been identified as teenaged girls.  Hannah Rutherford, 18, of Rossville, was driving the stolen car when, fleeing Dade County deputies, she failed to stop at the intersection of Creek Road and Highway 11, struck an oncoming truck and tumbled down an embankment.


Her passenger was a 17-year-old girl from Chattanooga, whom The Planet will not identify because of her age, though Sgt. Chad Payne, information officer for the Dade County Sheriff’s Department, says 17 is an adult in Georgia when it pertains to criminal matters and that the younger female will face charges just like the older. 


Both of these young women were injured in Friday’s wreck and both were taken to Erlanger Medical Center.


What will happen to them now? “How that works, since they were injured and taken to an out-of-state hospital, is that Detective [Cyndi] Thurman will take warrants on the two individuals,” explained Sgt. Payne. “The warrants will be entered into NCIC, and after they are released from the hospital, we will begin looking for them to arrest them on the warrants, unless they turn themselves in, which is usually not the case.”


NCIC is the National Crime Information Center, an electronic clearinghouse of crime data that law enforcement uses extensively.


Sgt. Payne said Hannah Rutherford, the driver, had outstanding felony warrants from Hamilton County, Tenn., that had nothing to do with the Friday incident). “So, if everything goes as it should, she will be arrested by Hamilton County upon her release, answer for her charges there, and then be extradited back to Dade County,” said Sgt. Payne.

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