Sgt. Chad's Snow Day Accident Roundup

January 17, 2018

Sgt. Chad Payne, information officer for the Dade County Sheriff's Office, was out and about during the Siberia-like weather we've had in Dade Tuesday and Wednesday. You may have seen him bundled up like Zhivago, streaming safety cautions live on Facebook as snow drifted down and roads became ribbons of ice. At The Planet's request, Sgt. Chad issued the following accident roundup:


During this latest winter event, we had three reported accidents involving weather. The first accident was at Highway 11 at Sarah Chapel Road. It was a single vehicle rollover with injuries, and one out of the two occupants was  transported to the hospital via EMS.


The second was at Highway 11 at Wawona Road. It was also a single-vehicle accident with a car that ended up on its side, and broke a telephone pole. No injuries were reported with this accident.


The third accident was at Burkhalter Gap at Piney Road. It was a single-vehicle crash involving a car that spun off the roadway. An injury was reported with this accident, but no one was transported to the hospital. 


--Sgt. Chad Payne, Dade County Sheriff's Office

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