The Unholy Tour: Deffenbaugh Promotes Awareness of Child Sex Slavery

February 6, 2018



Editor's Note: John Deffenbaugh, Dade County's voice in the Georgia House of Representatives, went on a legislators' tour of Atlanta human trafficking sites last week. He wrote the attached report for his constituents, which The Planet is pleased to publish as a letter to the editor.


 Members of the Georgia State Assembly had their eyes opened February 1 to the problems presented with human trafficking when they participated in a bus tour organized by Tim Echols, an elected official serving on the Public Service Commission. Also on the tour bus were community leaders, law enforcement, members of organizations fighting human trafficking and survivors.


Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion of human beings for sexual exploitation. Those being trafficked include young children and teenagers. It often occurs around international travel hubs such as Georgia’s interstate highways and Atlanta’s International Airport, the busiest in the world. Legislators were involved to experience the situation and witness the gravity of human trafficking as they seek solutions to help all young people through possible legislation.


"The Unholy Tour" traveled around local destinations in downtown Atlanta where human trafficking is prevalent. Speakers joined the tour to further educate legislators of organizations that are currently working to stop and rescue young, vulnerable boys and girls. Some of these  organizations are ,,  and,


4Sarah is a 501(c)3 nonprofit faith-based, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to empower change in the life direction of women and girls who work in the sex industry.


Our children are being sexually exploited. One to three hundred thousand American children are at risk of being victimized through prostitution each year, according to Shared Hope International.


For further information contact the above websites. Please get involved! 


“If you see something, say something.”


Representative John Deffenbaugh                                                                        District 1                                                                                                                        Georgia House of Representatives


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