Early Morning Dade Jailbreak Foiled

May 18, 2018


Dade Jailer Joseph Chambers confirmed this morning that there had been an unsuccessful attempt jail breakout in the small hours of Friday but declined to furnish details until formal charges had been made against the inmate in question.


"He didn't leave the building," said Chambers.


According to sources in county government, the foiled breakout happened around 4 a.m. when an inmate attempted to escape through the ceiling in the area of the jail in which inmates are allowed to speak with their attorneys, and repairs to the ceiling were required this morning. 


How the inmate happened to be in that area so early in the morning, and how prison personnel detected the escape attempt, will have to be determined later, as Chambers was determinedly close-mouthed. He said Sgt. Chad Payne, the Dade Sheriff's Department estimable information officer, would supply more information after the inmate was charged.

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