Seeking Actors: Dade's Own Camp Musical Producer Auditions for Mermaid Spoof

August 8, 2018

It is an interesting feature of life here in the Dade/Rising Fawn Metro Area that, small as we are, remote as we are, we have at least one of everything. Either one of everything gets born here or one is later conveniently sucked into the vortex by mysterious galactic forces.


So it came as no surprise to The Planet to have met recently Dade's own homegrown standup comic and camp musical comedy producer. (Actually, OK, it was fairly surprising but one gets used to that sort of thing living here at the center of the universe.)  Bubba Que (he claims to have a twin sister named Barbie Que) was born and raised in Dade, left to live in the Northeast for a few years, then returned here at the death of his father.


While living in the Frozen North, Bubba began carving out a name for himself writing and producing spoofs of popular musicals. Now he's continuing singing and dancing down that path here, keeping a day job in Trenton while performing nights at The Comedy Catch and Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga.


Bubba has recently completed his musical spoof of The Little Mermaid and will present it at Barking Legs this fall. He's beginning rehearsals soon and is looking for volunteer actors, and he asked The Planet to help spread the word.


The Planet is delighted to do so, and will now shut up and let Bubba introduce himself:


Hey Guys! My name is Bubba Que. I'm a gay redneck stand-up comedian from here in Trenton.


We are casting for a unique project and we are having an unusual casting call. The Project is a gay redneck trailer trash parody musical called "The Little Her-Maid" It is a direct parody of the classic Disney cartoon.


We are looking for all types of people. The show is scheduled for October 4 at The Barking Legs Theatre as part of Chattanooga's Pride Week Festivities.


This is not theatre-centre quality, y'all. This is a big ole gay musical written by a comedian. I do have one successful show under my belt and do believe this one will be as successful if not more.


This is a nonpaying gig. If you would like to be a part of this show there are two ways to audition:


1) General auditions Sunday night Coolidge Park between 7-9 near the stage;

2) Send a pic or short video from your phone telling me more about yourself to


This will be the most fun you ever have!

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