Now Debuting at the Mtn Top: "Beer."

October 13, 2018

 Beer taps are a new feature at the Mtn. Top Café.


One small sip for Mtn Top, one giant leap for Dade County.


Your pardon, Gentle Reader, if the Planet wallows unduly in hyperbole, but history is being made. If it was not as dizzying a feat to put beer taps in Dade County as to put a man on the moon, it sure seemed like it at times, and in point of fact took 50 years longer.


​​But the historic moment is at long last nigh: The Mtn Top Cafe, née Geneva's, will break in its new malt beverage license Saturday night. Just beer so far, says Perry Voclain, one of the restaurant's three owners; the wine didn't arrive in time for Saturday night.


The restaurant is debuting beer sales in conjunction with its new live music nights. Mtn Top's "Songwriter Showcase" will also begin on Saturday at 6 p.m. 



 And both will coincide with Lookout Mountain's popular fall outdoor arts and crafts show, the New Salem Mountain Festival, which traditionally brings hundreds of tourists onto the mountain.


​Dade County legalized alcoholic beverages by the drink in a November 2016 referendum, but the Mtn Top Café was the first to obtain a license and will be the first restaurant to legally serve beer in the ​​unincorporated county. Trenton proper has allowed beer and wine since 2010.  



The Mtn Top Cafe is at 12136 Highway 136 East. You may call it at (706) 398-1749/

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