Letter to the Editor: Deffenbaugh Urges Dade to Vote

October 29, 2018

John Deffenbaugh is Dade's current voice in the Georgia House of Representatives. This is his letter to the editor. 


I would like to take a little of your time today to encourage you and your family and friends (who are eligible) to vote either early or on November 6th. You probably know how I lean on this election, but my goal is to get you out to vote. When you vote, you can say to yourself, I participated! 


You can vote party lines, how your family voted, vote your pocket-book, or come up with your own investigation on how you will vote. The process is up to you. I tend more towards investigating the information that is available. This process is how I determined how I would vote on bills that effected all the people in Georgia. I would contact people that supported the issue, and then contact those who were against the issue, then I would decide on how I would vote.


Our government works best when more people vote to decide on an issue or person. The people we elect will influence our lives for as long as they are in office, and sometimes for a much longer time. Sometimes an issue sounds great today, but there is a tomorrow. So when you are looking at an issue or a person, please look beyond



Please consider how to vote and vote! See you at the polls!


Representative John Deffenbaugh

Georgia District One                                                 

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