GSP IDs Parties in Fatal Sunday I-24 Wreck

November 20, 2018

Editor's Note: There have been so many serious wrecks in Dade County in the past week, it is getting difficult to keep up with them all. As this article is posted, Sgt. Chad Payne, information officer for the Dade County Sheriff's Office, warned that officers are working another fatality wreck on I-59 at Slygo. The Planet will have more on that as information comes available.


Meanwhile, here is a report from the Georgia State Patrol on Sunday's multiple vehicle accident on I-24. The 13-year-old girl injured in that wreck has since died, says the report. Notice that some of the parties in the accident are local and that others had been traveling from distant points.


The Planet reproduces the report below verbatim:


On Nov. 17, at approximately 11:55 a.m., Vehicle # (2015 Ford F550) 1 was traveling east on I-24 in the left lane with a vehicle on the rollback and another being pulled behind on the dolly. When Driver #1 noticed traffic ahead was slowing down he attempted to apply the brakes on Vehicle #1. Driver #1 stated when he applied the brake the pedal went to the floor and the vehicle did not slow down causing the front of Vehicle #1 to strike the rear of Vehicle #2 (2018 Ford Transit van).


Vehicles #1 continued east pushing Vehicle #2 eastbound when the front driver's side of Vehicle #2 struck the rear of Vehicle #3 (2012 Nissan Altima). Vehicle #3 then hit the guardrail, came back into the road, and struck the rear driver's side of Vehicle #4 (2013 Chevy Silverado) almost at the same time as the front of Vehicle #2 struck the rear passenger side of Vehicle #4.


Vehicle #1 and Vehicle #2 continued east before the driver's side of Vehicle #1 sideswiped Vehicle #5 (2015 Jeep Wrangler) on the passenger side causing Vehicle #5 to exit the roadway to the left striking the guardrail. Vehicle #1 and Vehicle #2 then struck the guardrail with the driver's side of both vehicles and continued for a short distance before coming to an uncontrolled rest off the roadway.


Driver #1 - Eddie Sanders, age 47 of Dayton, TN, was injured and transported to Erlanger.

Driver #2 - Bobby Davis, Jr., age 58 of LaPlace, LA, was not injured.

Driver #3 - Kim Smith Holman, age 48 of Bryant, AL, was not injured.

Driver #4 - Larry Miller, age 70 of El Paso, IL, was not injured.

Driver #5 - Haley Wright, age 19 of Galena, OH, was not injured.


Passenger of Veh. #2 - Brennon Davis, age 30 of LaPlace, LA, was not injured.

Passenger of Veh. #2 - Breanna Stemley, age 27 of LaPlace, LA, was not injured. Passenger of Veh. #2 - Bridget Davis, age 32 of LaPlace, LA, was not injured.

Passenger of Veh. #2 - Tellayjah Bethancourt, age 13 of LaPlace, LA, was transported to T.C. Thompson, but later succumbed to her injuries (deceased).

Passenger of Veh. #2 - Jason Ray was not injured.

Passenger of Veh. #2 - Brennon Davis, Jr., age 2 of LaPlace, LA, was not injured. Passenger of Veh. #2 - Siya Meno, age 9 of LaPlace, LA, was not injured.

Passenger of Veh. #4 - April Carr, age 67 of El Paso, IL. [Editor's note: The GSP report does not list any injuries.]


The report is not complete.

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