Ice Menace Causes School Closing

January 23, 2019


All Dade County schools will be closed on Thursday due to what the county superintendent called "the threat of freezing water," as well as potential flooding, possible winter weather and the flu.


Dr. Jan Harris declared a snow day for Thursday in a text around 6:30 tonight as the daylong rains continue relentlessly and the thermometer drops toward a projected low of 31F. Not only is the weather iffy, intimated the super but: "The flu is running through Davis. Attendance rate today was 79 percent."


Dr. H has demonstrated herself during her two-and-a-half-year tenure as of the better-safe-than-sorry school snow-day-wise. And laying aside the questions of whether the weather will do anything worse on Thursday than continue being depressing, and whether sick kids missing school is enough of a reason for everybody to miss school, teachers and students will no doubt enjoy a chance to sleep in on Thursday. 


"Be safe and stay warm," texted Dr. Harris.

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