Norris Wants Your Vote for Trenton Police Commissioner

January 29, 2019

When the city of Trenton elects a new police commissioner in a special election on March 19, Mike Norris will be among the three contenders on the ballot. If you recognize his name, that's probably because Norris was a Trenton police officer from 2000-2017, during which time he won an American Police Hall of Fame Lifesaving Award for pulling a young driver out of a burning box truck after an accident on the I-59 exit ramp. [Click photo for a news story about that incident.] He left the PD after an injury he incurred breaking up a fight outside the Trenton CVS.  


Norris, 58,  graduated from the local high school in 1978, during the period it was called Northwest Georgia High. Before coming to the Trenton PD, Norris worked for 13 years for the Dade County Sheriff's Office, where he was a deputy. He is also a former assistant chief of the North Dade Volunteer Fire Department, which he helped to establish, and where he served for 20 years. 


Norris is married to Jan Norris and has two grown sons. He thinks one important duty of the Trenton police chief is to take care of the town's officers, and he thinks as a former member of the force he is well suited to do that. Ditto another responsibility: looking after the town's citizens and keeping them safe. "I've done it for 31 years," he says.


If you'd like to talk to Mike Norris, you may call him at (423) 240-0385.

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