4-H Abuzz With Activity!

What a week! What a week! The Ag Center is abuzz with activity.


The BB teams practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the .22 team is here on Wednesdays, and Activity Club meets on Mondays. We also had the monthly Tree City USA meeting here last week and the Tri-State Beekeepers meeting this week.


Photos: Left, 4-H students paint their "frosted glass" vases with a mixture of paint and glue during 4-H Activity Club. Below, Dade County 4-H BB team members check their targets during practice with the help of coaches Daniel Jones and Chip Geddie.


But the biggest commotion has been preparation for the Career Fair–The Pathway Phase that we are hosting for


the middle school students. All of the high school CTAE pathway teachers and their students have been putting together displays showcasing what their pathway has to offer, sample projects, which high school club is associated with them, what competitions that club offers, and examples of careers related to that pathway. The middle school students will rotate through all of the pathway displays to get an idea of what would be a good fit for them. Hopefully this will help the eighth graders next week as they sign up for next year’s high school classes.


CTAE stands for Career, Technical, & Agricultural Education. The CTAE pathways available at Dade County High School are Construction (Carpentry, Construction – Electrical, Metals Technology); Digital Media Technology and Communications; Agriscience, Business & Technology; Therapeutic Services (Allied Health and Medicine, Nutrition and Food Science); and Manufacturing/Mechatronics. Next week we’ll have pictures of the event!

​​Our goal is to follow up in the fall with Career Fair–The Employer Phase, where we’ll have displays from companies that are within driving distance of Dade County. If you would like to put your company on that contact list, give us a call at 706-657-4116. We’re starting our list now!


(Photos: Above is what Chicken Project participants will receive in May: Barred Rock chicks. Below is a fully grown Barred Rock chicken. She lays brown eggs!) 


​​It's time to register for the Chicken Project! Any 4-H'er may purchase 10 chicks for $25 to take home and raise. All participants bring back their three best birds to be ​​judged in the Chicken Show in November. Then you get to keep all 10 birds.


This year we are purchasing Barred Rock chicks. They will be laying brown eggs by Christmas! Register and pay the $25 fee to the Extension office at the Ag Center by March 15. The chicks will arrive in mid-to-late May, so you have plenty of time to build your coop.


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