March Tidbit

March 30, 2019


While I love flowers, deadheading is not my favorite summer pastime. In areas viewed by passersby, I try to use self-cleaning or very long-lasting blossoms. Vinca, ​​impatiens, balsam, and begonias are old standbys.  


​​Lantana delivers marigold-bright color without the look of spent flowers.  Everlastings, flowers that retain their color when dried, are another terrific option.  Statice, gomphrena, strawflowers and paper daisies (right) do not fade away as they age on the plant. 


Believe it or not, there are even some roses that do not require constant grooming to keep on blooming. The “Drift” (right) roses from Star, particularly apricot, pink and peach, are very disease resistant and bloom throughout the season, shedding the old flower clusters as they carry on.


​​Beat the heat with self-cleaning flowers around the mailbox and in the front porch pots.


Master gardener Ann Bartlett valiantly produces excellent gardening advice for readers each Saturday. But sometimes, when there are five Saturdays in a month, Ann needs a breather! So she had the idea of using "the dreaded fifth Saturday" to dish up odds, ends, tidbits and snippets she hadn't used elsewhere. Thanks, Ann, we can use 'em.  Now put your feet up!

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