Elderly Driver Rams Genesis Gym

May 1, 2019

(Photo of Genesis from Dade tax map.)


It was an 85-year-old man who rammed his car into Genesis Gym this morning, says Georgia State Patrol Cpl. Andy Gideon.


Cpl. Gideon said no charges had been brought against the driver, who was traveling south on Highway 11 this morning when his Ford Explorer left the roadway and ended up in the Genesis parking lot at 11416 S. Main St. a few blocks south of downtown Trenton. 


The driver sideswiped a telephone pole on the way and struck a parked car in the parking lot at Genesis. The impact catapulted both vehicles into the gymwall, pushing it inward. Cpl. Gideon could not say how much damage was done to the building or the parked car.


But no one was hurt in the incident except the elderly driver, who was taken to Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga for minor injuries. 


Cpl. Gideon said the driver at one point reported he had passed out at the wheel and at another point said he simply could remember what caused him to leave the roadway. "He doesn't know what happened," said Gideon.

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