Standoff at the CVS: Planet Reader Relates "CVS Rage" Incident

June 10, 2019

Editor's Note: Reader Jan Smith submitted this account of an incident last week at the Trenton CVS.


Did you hear about the standoff at the CVS last Wednesday?

I pulled up to the car line sometime around 3:30 p.m. and sat behind a car for 10 minutes. I finally got frustrated and pulled off to go run another errand and come back a little while later. When I returned, I noticed the car line was six deep so I went inside...


The pharmacy counter was slammed as well and folks were standing in line and standing on the side--everything looked weird, the window was open and the staff appeared tense. I decided to go run yet another errand and come back later (this is typical behavior for CVS); however, on my way out I spoke to two of the employees who I knew and they related to me that this woman had been sitting in the car line since 3:30 p.m. waiting for her prescription. She had been calling the store every few minutes tying up the phone line--she claims CVS did not care about her or her prescription and that she was sick of their awful customer service!


A lot of people can relate to what has been going on at CVS lately--you have to wait a very long time for your prescription to be filled and forget about it if you want it the same day!


When I questioned the employees further they claimed that the reason why her prescription was not getting filled and why she was sitting there for hours is because the insurance company had not called the pharmacy back to clear her prescription. They called the police but nothing could be done.


I asked them why don’t you put a sign out there telling people to come around so folks won’t be sitting in that line wasting their time? (No answer on that question.) Sounds like a true case of CVS rage!!!


I am not sure how the standoff ended.


--Jan Smith


Editor's Supplemental Note: The Planet called the CVS pharmacy today for comment, and to learn how the "standoff" ended. Result: "All pharmacy personnel are helping other customers. Please hold and someone will help you momentarily...."

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