There's a Lot of Learning at the Library

July 22, 2019

Our theme for Summer Reading this summer has been A Universe of Stories. It’s been an appropriate theme for the 50th anniversary of Americans landing on the moon. One mother told us her child didn’t want a toy for his birthday. He wanted to build a rocket and a rocket launcher instead. We were able to print the directions for him right off the NASA website. 


There’s a lot of learning going on at the library. The kids at the library have had a great time learning about rockets and launching a few as well. Last week’s program was a Science Fair. Kids got to view and participate in several science experiments. Have you ever played music on bananas? Well, the kids at the library have. They loved the hands-on activities!


Our Book Club will be recognizing the anniversary of the moon walk as well. In August they will be reading The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, which documents the stories of the Project Mercury astronauts. The Book Club meets on the third Tuesday evening of each month at 7 p.m. and we’re always glad to have new members.


We had a very good turnout for last week’s Taste and See , the diabetes information class at the library. There will be two more sessions on July 23 and July 30 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. These classes are FREE to the public. There will be simple recipes, nutrition counseling, practical cooking ideas and up-to-date health talks.


Our meeting rooms get a lot of use, so if you think you might need one, it’s a good idea to reserve it. We have a large meeting room for big groups, a small group meeting room and a still smaller room for one or two people.


Another room is devoted to local history and genealogy. We also have a small computer lab which can be used for teaching computer classes or classes that use a computer. There is a big monitor on the wall for demonstrations.


These rooms get used a lot by various groups:  companies doing training for employees, counselors and tutors working with children, job fairs, cooking classes, club and other group meetings, genealogy and history workshops, gaming groups, and more. Call the library or come by if you need to reserve one of our spaces.


 School will be starting before long, so if your kids haven’t gotten their summer reading done for school, come by soon and we’ll help you locate the books. We have many of them, but only one copy of some, so we might have to order them from another library and that might take a few days. We have the lists for each grade.


Some folks have already been asking about when our Ready-to-Read programs will resume. We have a little break between Summer Reading and Ready-to-Read in

order to do planning. Ready-to-Read should resume after school starts on Thursday, August 15.


Linda Wilson is everybody's favorite retired English teacher and a faithful library volunteer. You can email Linda at

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