Candidates, Send in Your Announcements!

July 30, 2019

Trenton City Commission elections are this November. Primaries for the 2020 general election, when Dade will elect the bulk of its constitutional officers, are not until next spring, but already candidates have begun announcing.


With that in mind, The Planet offers this guideline for those who would like to announce their candidacy in this newspaper: Don't wait for the mountain to come to Mohammed. You can text your announcement or email it, but send R on in!


Announcing in The Planet is free, and as Dade's premier local newspaper, The Planet closely covers all local political races. If candidates wish the extra exposure of purchasing an ad in The Planet, The Planet is pleased to point out it has the lowest rates in Dade and the finest advertising department, as evidenced by this handsome ad for Duke Foster (which, tragically, was not sufficient to overcome America's deep-rooted human-supremacy enough to win Duke the presidency, but shall we move on?). 


To return to announcements: The Planet will be delighted to announce the candidacy of any candidate of any party for any local position, but The Planet's time on earth is limited and its days of hunting down political hopefuls to remind them to announce in these pages are over. Candidates who do not send in their announcements will go unannounced in The Planet.  


To make a free announcement,email or text your message and photograph to or (423) 364-4386; or message The Planet's Facebook page. To advertise, inquire via the same contact information or see The Planet's advertising page (see navigator above) for rates.

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