Wreaths Across America: Remembering Our Veterans

October 2, 2019

On December 14, 2019, a coalition of Dade County organizations hopes to place wreaths on each Dade County veteran’s grave in the Chattanooga National Cemetery. As stated in a previous article, to accomplish our goal we need to identify Dade veterans buried there, obtain sponsors for wreaths at $15 each or $30 for three, and identify volunteers to lay wreaths on December 14.


To date, we have identified 132 veterans, collected approximately $650 (which takes us about halfway to our goal at this time) and had folks sign up to help lay the wreaths. Our goal is to have all three of our objectives reached by November 1.  Please act now to help us. Please be aware we will happily accept donations in any amount. 


Forms with sponsorship information are available in the hospitality area of the Dade County Public Library as well as in the library’s Georgia History Room. Questions can be directed to Julie Williams (423-802-9160), Rethal Alexander (423-364-4781) or me, Gail Hedden (423-987-3713) or ghedden7@gmail.com. Donations can also be made directly to any member of the Dade County Historical Society, American Legion Post 106, American Legion Post 106 Auxiliary or Trenton United Methodist Church Mary and Martha Christ Group.


We hope to show our honor, respect and remembrance for each of our Dade County veterans. Whether or not you have a loved one at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, we ask that you give consideration to donating in your holiday giving.  We offer our most sincere thanks to all who have already donated.


Names ofvVeterans not named in our previous article are:


John Franklin Avans, Ray Boydston, Jack Keefe Castleberry, Paul Roger Castleberry, Thomas Walter Castleberry, Andrew Chubb, James H Chubb, Joseph Barnes Clark, William Clay, Thomas L Crane, Tommy Crowe, David Davis, Richard Banard Dickson, Howard G Doyle, Marvin Edwards, William Donald Ellison, Lellie Evans, Robert H Griffith, James Hawes, James A Howard, Thurber William Kelley, Nancy Klasse, Adrian Martin Lawson, Charles E Lawson, George Henry Lawson, Terry Marchmon, George McCarty, Daniel Leroy Norwood, Horace Owen, Johnny Pack, Norman Prince, Duell Ridley, Harold Roberts Jr, Harold Roberts Sr, Andrew Scott, Craig Alexander Scott, Franklin Roosevelt Scott, Manuel A Scott, Richard Scott Jr, Richard Scott Sr, Frank B Sells Jr, Douglas Smith, James Brelan Smith, Thomas Sparks and James Clark Williams. 


Our previous article named Roy Haskell and it should have been Roy Haskell Combs.


November 1, 2019, is our target date for receiving names of veterans and accomplishing our monetary goal for placing a wreath at each grave. The memorial service and wreath laying will be on December 14 at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.


--Gail Hedden


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