Wanted: Pumpkins. YOU Can Help Restore Town Square to Former Halloween Glory

October 11, 2019

Here's the deal: Marshana Sharp will give you one of these handsome carving kits if you will supply the pumpkin. Carve it and bring it back and you may win a cash prize for best jack-o-lantern!


"We want to bring back the pumpkins," said Marshanna Sharp, manager of the Dade County Public Library. "We're asking everybody to help."


Ms. Sharp, the library staff, faithful volunteers and any number of the "Men in Yellow," Dade's multi-talented, ever-willing jail trusties without whose cheerful labor the county might feasibly grind to a halt, stage Trick or Treat on the Square each year. The event is centered in the (extravagantly decorated) library and spills out onto the Trenton town square with booths sponsored by local business and civic groups. There are games, entertainment and lots and lots of candy, and kids come from miles around. Last year over 1000 attended. This year the library is expecting 1500.


(Photo: The line to get into the libe at last year's event stretched as far as the eye could see.)


The event will start at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26. The theme is Star Wars, the library is already stuffed with decorations ready to mount, and it's all good except: "We need pumpkins," said Ms. Sharp. "But we can't afford them."


Residents of any duration will recall the Halloweens that the town square was circled by glowing jack-o-lanterns. That tradition has lapsed into abeyance, everybody misses it, but the library can't bring it back singlehandedly. 


The farmer who used to donate the pumpkins died, explained Ms. Sharp, and another grower who would otherwise help out got sabotaged by this season's drought. Walmart, on the other hand, donated boxes and boxes of pumpkin-carving kits, and Ms. Sharp had the idea of passing them out in exchange for carved pumpkins.


So if you want to help, please pop by the library and pick up a carving kit. Then you buy a pumpkin, carve it, and bring it to the library any time before noon on the 26th. It's on the honor system: "We'll make everybody promise," said Ms. Sharp.


The finished jack-o-lanterns will be judged, and the carver of the winning one will be awarded a $25 gift certificate 


Questions? You can call the library at (706) 657-7857.

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