Historic Survey of Trenton May Bring Visitor to your Door

October 14, 2019

A grant for a historic resources survey of the city of Trenton was received by Trenton and Dade County through the Historic Preservation Department of Georgia. Cumberland Applied Research Associates, Inc. (CARA) will be conducting this inventory of each building or structure which was built before 1974. From October through May employees of CARA will be taking pictures and noting the architectural design of homes and buildings within the city limits of Trenton. Pictures will be taken from the public Right of Way. 


This survey will document our local historical and architectural treasures. Other areas of the county will be documented in the same way in future years. When they have visited your home you may find a door hanger on your door. 


The last Historic Property Survey of Trenton was done in 1990. Much has changed since then. The Trenton-Dade Historic Preservation Commission would be interested in any information you have about the history and/or significance of your home or property. For instance, do you have an original log home buried within the walls of your house? Your information will add to the narrative of the history of our city. 


Information can be sent directly to CARA or contact the city or county government.  Simple questions may be directed to me, HPC Chair Donna M. Street, at 706-657-7305 or email: CARA@CumberlandARA.com


Thank you for helping us to preserve and document our local resources.


--Donna M. Street, Chair

Trenton-Dade County Historic Preservation Commission


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