Don't Forget Tire Amnesty on Saturday!

October 18, 2019

 In this shot from Dade's earlier Tire Amnesty Day in January, District 4 Commissioner Allan Bradford (left), volunteer John Huffman and Dade's Men in Yellow, the prison trusties without whose cheerful labor the county might well grind to a halt, load scrap tires into a trailer.


Are you one of those unfortunate Dade residents victimized by illegal tire dumpers? Well, here's a chance to get rid of 20 of them, anyway. Dade's second Tire Amnesty Day this year is this Saturday, Oct. 19, from 8 a.m.-3 p.m., at the county transfer station, 974 Sunset Drive, Trenton.


Discarded tires are an increasing environmental peril. Water collects in them, the black rubber absorbs sunlight and keeps the water warm, and mosquito larvae hatch in the water to provide not just a nuisance but an impressive array of diseases. So the Georgia Environmental Protection Division takes the tire problem seriously, and it subsidizes these free days at county transfer stations. At The Planet's last check, the regular transfer station fee was $6.75 per tire.


In order to take advantage of the amnesty, you must have a valid Dade County driver's license. The limit is 20 tires per person, and no 18-wheeler or large farm equipment-type tires will be accepted though pickup-tuck and motorcycle tires are fine this time. Hours are 8 a.m.-3 p.m. District 4 Commissioner Allan Bradford urges participants to be there on time and be prepared to wait in line--on Dade's first amnesty day this year, in January, the line stretched all the way from the transfer station on Sunset to the Bank of Dade on Highway 11.


Bradford also said if you need help getting your tires to the transfer station, you can call him and he'll arrange assistance. His number is (423) 413-0245.


Tires are collected in tractor trailers behind the transfer station, not in the regular dumping bins, but Bradford said signs will be present to direct traffic.

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