Dade County Students Score Above GA Average CCRPI Score; All Schools Earn Five-Star Climate Rating

The College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores were released today by the Georgia Department of Education. The CCRPI is Georgia’s statewide accountability measurement as required by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


We are proud to announce that the Dade County District surpassed the Georgia average CCRPI scores once again this year. The overall district score on the 2019 CCRPI is 78.4 while the state score is 75.9. School scores include 83.6 for Dade Elementary, 77.8 for Davis Elementary, 77 for Dade County High School and 72 for Dade Middle School. Compared to average scores across Georgia, Dade County schools are standing strong in overall performance. The district realized gains in CCRPI scores at Davis and Dade Elementary, and Dade County High School.  In addition, the overall District Score rose from 77.8 in 2018 to 78.4 in 2019.


Dade County School Board Chair Carolyn Bradford said, “Our hardworking, dedicated team is committed to improving student achievement in Dade County Schools.  We applaud our students’ performance and commend our teachers, staff and administrators for the record-breaking outcomes we are seeing.”


Some highlights worthy of noting for each of our four schools over last year include:

DES - Overall CCRPI increase of 1.6 points, Content Mastery increase of 5.5 points, ELA Progress increase of 11.66 points, Closing Gaps increase of 3.2 points, and an increase of almost 1 point in Readiness.


Davis - Overall CCRPI increase of 2.8 points, Content Mastery increase of 1.4 points, ELA Progress increase of 1.98 points, Closing Gaps increase of 21.4 points, and an increase of almost 1 point in Readiness.


DMS - Content Mastery increase of 4.7 points, ELA Progress increase of 7.3 points, and an increase of 1.26 points in the Literacy area of Readiness.


DCHS - Overall CCRPI increase of 1 point, Content Mastery increase of 8.1 points, Mathematics Progress increase of 3.41 points, Closing Gaps score of over 100 points for two consecutive years, and an increase of 3.69 points in the Literacy area of Readiness.


School Climate Star Rating

As part of the CCRPI reports, the Georgia Department of Education released the 2019 School Climate Star Ratings for local schools.This rating is provided as an informational tool for schools, parents and communities. While it is reported alongside the CCRPI, it is not included in the calculation that produces school and district CCRPI scores.


School climate refers to the quality and character of school life – the “culture” of a school. A sustainable, positive school climate fosters youth development and student learning, which are essential elements for academic success, career-skill improvement, and overall quality of life.


The School Climate Star Rating assesses the climate of a school. Each school in Georgia receives a one-to-five star rating, with five stars representing an excellent school climate and one star representing a school climate most in need of improvement.


We are pleased to announce that all four Dade County Schools received the highest climate rating possible with five stars. We are proud of the work that has been done in each school to increase not only the academic rigor but to create caring cultures as well. Becoming a Positive Behavioral and Intervention Supports (PBIS) school district has enabled us to improve the climate at each school.


More About the CCRPI

Under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) – the replacement for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) passed in 2015 – states are required to have a “statewide accountability system” that provides information on how well schools are performing. The CCRPI is Georgia’s accountability system.


Similar accountability systems were required under the No Child Left Behind waivers many states operated under before ESSA was passed, but ESSA gives states more authority over the process.


 After ESSA was signed into law, the Georgia Department of Education spent two years gathering input from the public and working with a committee of educators and other stakeholders to redesign the CCRPI. Parents, educators, members of the business community, and others said they wanted a CCRPI that reflected the opportunities schools offered students – from fine arts to career education – rather than a focus strictly on standardized test scores.


The CCRPI was refined based on this feedback, and 2019 is the second year scores from the redesigned CCRPI have been released. 2019 and 2018 CCRPI scores are directly comparable. Scores from prior years are not comparable because the state made improvements to the CCRPI calculation as part of its State ESSA Plan. The 2018 CCRPI was the first to use the new calculation. 


--Dr. Jan Harris, Superintendent

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