Career Fair: Check. Next--The Great 4-H Chicken Show!

Last week we hosted the first annual “Dade County 4-H Career Fair: Employer Phase” for our Dade Middle School students. The purpose of the Career Fair was to introduce jobs and industries to our middle school students that they might not have heard of. Each booth included a hands-on activity for the students to do.


We had 12 booths set up by local companies and industries. Benchmark Physical Therapy showed students how to do exercises with Thera bands. At the Citizens Bank & Trust table, students practiced filling out giant checks. Marion Environmental’s HAZMAT suits were a big hit to try out. The Ironworkers Local 704 let students try on the latest style of safety harness. Georgia Northwestern Technical College explained dual-enrollment and all the programs it has to offer. Students tried out the Healthy Food beanbag toss at the Primary Healthcare booth. Our own ag agent, Sarah Dyer, showed students how to grade cuts of beef. Coosa River Conservation District let students use a transit to measure differences in elevation.



Uncle Lar’s Outpost hosted two activities. The retail sales booth let students ring up a sale on the cash register and practice counting back change. The restaurant kitchen booth gave students the opportunity to suit up in hair net and food service gloves to properly measure ingredients such as flour.


Integer brought their A-game with a simple, but accurate, simulation of a balloon angioplasty. Integer makes the medical tubing used in this procedure. The student activity showed how the procedure works by using a balloon, a clear plastic tube and Play-Doh.


Mueller Company and Lodge Manufacturing employees brought the AFS Foundry in a Box display. Students were able to choose a pattern, fill a mold with sand, pour tin into the mold and make small castings to take home. The AFS Foundry in a Box can be scheduled for schools or other student groups.


We would like to thank Bank of Dade for sponsoring lunches for the Career Fair exhibitors. Bank of Dade is always a big supporter of Dade County 4-H. Thank you also to the Trenton-Dade Optimist Club members who came to help serve the lunches.


The Dade County 4-H Chicken Show will take place on Thursday, November 14, at 6 p.m. in the Ag Center. Each 4-H’er who joined the chicken project this past spring will bring in their three best birds to be judged. The kids received two-day-old chicks at the end of May, and they have been taking care of these chickens all summer. Charles Lancaster, retired Catoosa County ag agent, will be judging the contest. If you are curious about what a chicken show is, come to the Ag Center at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, to find out.


Our November 4-H County Council meeting will also be on the 14th, immediately after the chicken show. County Council is a monthly meeting for any fourth- through twelfth-graders who are interested in 4-H. Again, we will meet at 7 p.m. at the Ag Center on Thursday, November 14. Come join us for an hour of 4-H fun!


--Alison Henderson

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