Houts Wins Fire/Utility Seat on Trenton City Commission

November 6, 2019


Lucretia Houts easily edged out two other contenders to win the fire/utility commissioner seat on the Trenton City Commission, the only contested race in today's city election. The vote was: Lucretia Houts 190; Cody Doyle 66 and Careyee Bell 74.


Ms. Houts is no stranger to the city commission meetings but has attended them for the past three decades--she was first elected city clerk in 1990 and held that position until she retired earlier this year, the last elected city clerk in Georgia.


Nevertheless, she persisted...

If Ms. Houts was hurried on her way out of her old office by the sitting mayor and commission, who in 2017 quietly petitioned the state legislature to eliminate her elected office after deciding to do so in closed-door executive sessions, Ms. Houts presumably did not hold it against them enough to stop coming to their meetings, first as a candidate for the fire/utility seat and, as of January, as a full voting member as opposed to the clerk taking minutes. 


Mayor Alex Case and Streets Commissioner Monda Wooten were both up for reelection this year but were not challenged for their jobs. Jerry Henegar, the sitting fire and utility commissioner, opted not to run again, and is rumored to be considering a run for county commission though he has made no announcement.


The Dade Board of Elections reported that 331 voters in all had cast ballots out of 1983 registered.

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