New Year, New Officials--and More to Come

January 6, 2020

Trenton Mayor Alex Case, left, swore in Streets Commissioner Monda Wooten, center, and Fire/Utilities Commissioner Lucretia Houts this morning at City Hall, having himself been sworn in seconds earlier by City Clerk Russanna Jenkins. The mayor and Commissioner Wooten had been reelected from their previous tenures, but Commissioner Houts is brand new at the city commission--if not to the city government, having served as Trenton's city clerk for nearly three decades. She retired from the old gig last February and won the new one in November's off-year city elections.


It seemed a pithy beginning to 2020, which is is an on-year for elections both nationally and here at the center of the universe. The majority of county offices are up for grabs this year and in some cases candidates have already commenced to grab. Transportation mogul Nathan Wooten began his campaign to unseat Dade County Executive Chairman Ted Rumleylast fall  and Jerry Henegar, who left his Trenton City Commission seat

vacant for Ms. Houts, has announced his intentions on the District 3 county commission seat now occupied by Robert Goff.


But back to the city: Sewer boss Dewayne Moore was at City Hall going over the business of the day with City Clerk Jenkins first thing this morning. Going into the new decade, Trenton--and its new utilties commissioner--face massive upgrades to the city's 1990s-vintage sewer system, among other challenges going forward.




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