Do You Own A Historical Property?

January 27, 2020

The Dade County Historical Society has announced plans to facilitate Phase Two of our county-wide historical structures survey. The project is being conducted by the Trenton-Dade Historic Preservation Commission with the support of a generous grant from the state of Georgia’s Historic Preservation Division.


(Photo: Coke oven ruins on Sand Mountain.)


Is there an old house or barn tucked away on your property? How about an historic spring or the remains of an old stone bridge? A smokehouse? The chimney from a long-gone building? A one-room schoolhouse? An old log structure or the stone foundation of a building? Maybe the remains of an old wall or gate?


You are invited to enter your historic structure in the Trenton and Dade County database. It is estimated that there are more than 250 structures or remains of buildings in Dade County that are over 100 years old, and your property might be one of them. These old structures are real treasures that form an important part of our community’s history.


The Dade County Historical Society will be glad to help to describe and list historical structures. We can arrange for a photographer to come out and take pictures to add your building to the historic legacy of Dade County. There is no charge, of course. The Dade County Historical Society plans to archive photos to be used in a future fundraising calendar.


If you have any photographs or stories about your historic property, we’d love to know about them, too. We’ll be happy to make digital copies of old photos to preserve them as part of our community’s historic legacy.


You are invited to contact me, Donna Street, of the Trenton-Dade Historic Preservation Commission, to explore this wonderful opportunity to tell us about your historic property and be a part of the history of Dade County. You can reach me at or (706) 657-7305.

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