Dade School Board Announces Coach Pruitt To Go

January 28, 2020


The big bombshell from last night's Dade County Board of Education meeting is that Dale Pruitt, the coach hired to whip Dade County High School's football team into shape, is seeking fresh fields and pastures new after just one season. He is now slated to move next door to Marion County (Tenn.) High School to whip Marion's football team into shape. 


Dade hired Pruitt last spring among much jubilation. He was not only a veteran 40-year football coach but the father of Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt. Dade's football team did not set any rivers on fire this past season under the new coach, but Dade Superintendent of Schools Jan Harris denied that had anything to do with the personnel change list she released this morning that includes Pruitt's resignation.


"We accepted his resignation with regret," she said.


Dr. Harris said she thought the football team's poor showing this season was because "he [Pruitt] came so late," and that matters would have improved had he stayed. But she said that Pruitt had worked in Marion before and she respected his decision to return there.


Otherwise, the personnel list confirms that principals for Dade High, Dade Elementary and Davis will remain in place next year. As announced last week, Dr. Sandra Spivey, principal of Dade Middle, is moving to Central Office, but her replacement at the middle school has not yet been announced.


Here is a copy of the complete personnel list approved byt he school board at its Monday night executive session.




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