Re-re-re-revised Ordinance Available for Review

February 5, 2020

For those who would like to read the re-re-revised--The Planet can't keep track of which version we're on by now--draft of Dade's proposed heavy industry ordinance, which the Dade County Commission will take back up at its regular February meeting on Thursday, here is a link to the document as posted on the county website:


From The Planet's comparing of notes with a concerned citizen who had obtained a printed copy of the ordinance on Tuesday, the posted ordinance, which is designated as revised Feb. 2, is not the same version made available to citizens in the past couple of days in print.


The ordinance has been revised to eliminate the setbacks from property lines  required for chicken houses. The setbacks, which were not included in the ordinance by the citizens committee appointed to draft it, but added later, just before the draft went back to the county commission for review, were seen by chicken farmers as an attack on their livelihood, and became the chief subject of comments at a Jan. 30 hearing on the subject.


The setbacks have been removed from both the print and online versions, but in the print version issued Tuesday the size for premises regulated by the ordinance had been changed from one acre to three acres. In the online version, it remains at three. If there are other changes, The Planet did not make a minute enough inspection of the documents to find them.


The meeting is at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6, in the county Administrative Building.


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