Letter to Voters: Candidate Mills Announces NRA Endorsement

May 5, 2020

Bulletin: The NRA on May 7 sent Ms. Mills a letter announcing that its endorsement of her was "an administrative error" and it had meant to endorse her opponent, John Deffenbaugh, instead. She retains her "AQ rating" denoting that NRA approves of the pro-gun stance she took on a candidate questionnaire.


Editor's Note: This is an open letter from Vikki Mills, a candidate for the open District 1 Statehouse seat to be vacated this year by incumbent Colton Moore. The Planet understands that, coming as it does in a major election year, this spring's COVID-19 lockdown has been hard on candidates. The Planet, while endorsing no candidates thereby, and neither condoning nor lending credence to any of their statements, welcomes candidates to share their messages in this space through op-ed essays or letters to the editor.

Today I am proud to announce that I have received an endorsement from the National Rifle Association in my race for the Georgia State House of Representatives in District 1. This endorsement comes with the organization’s highest rating (AQ) that is available to first-time candidates. I am honored and grateful for this endorsement and I will always protect your God-given right to self-defense.

I want to take a few moments to outline my plans to defend our Second Amendment rights from the socialist Democrats who will stop at nothing to strip our ability to defend ourselves and our families.

  1. Pass Constitutional Carry – Georgians should not have to get permission from the government to exercise a basic constitutional right. Where it is legal to carry you should be able to do so without permits, licenses, or having to pay the government a dime. When elected, I will back House Bill 2, the Constitutional Carry bill, which has been co-sponsored by Rep. Colton Moore, our outgoing state representative. He did a good job representing us on this issue and I applaud him for it.

  2. Stop Red Flag legislation and other gun grab schemes – The socialist Democrats are trying to pass bills that would dramatically curtail your ability to defend yourself. Their so-called “Red Flag” legislation would give the government the ability to take away your rights with little regard for due-process. We must stop them at all costs!

  3. Protect the flock! Allow worshippers to defend themselves. – Christians are under increasing attack in our society. We must allow them to carry at church and defend their fellow believers. We can’t wait for a tragedy to act now. I will sponsor legislation that will allow believers to protect themselves against those who wish to do them harm.

Friends, our Second Amendment rights are foundational to all our freedoms. That’s why you need to send a fighter to the State Capitol who understands the stakes at play. The socialist Democrats will stop at nothing to pursue their agenda. What will be our answer to them? This June 9th send Vikki Mills to the State Capitol as your new Republican State Representative for District 1!


Vikki Mills is a pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-business Republican running for the Georgia State House of Representatives for District 1. The district covers all of Dade County and portions of Walker County. The General Primary election will occur on June 9th with Early Voting starting May 18th. Voters may vote by mail by completing the Absentee Ballot application sent by the Secretary of State or by requesting an application from their county Board of Elections. Voters can learn more about the campaign at the following links and by contacting Vikki using the contact information below.

Cell: 615-944-5321
Email: vikki.for.georgia@gmail.com  
FB: www.fb.com/vikki.for.georgia.com  

Voter Information:
If you need to register to vote or are unsure of which District you live in, you can visit the My Voter Page from the Georgia Secretary of State at the following link: www.mvp.sos.ga.gov


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