Hartline Endorses Moore for State Senate

May 18, 2020

Editor's note:  The following is an open letter from Dade District 2 Commissioner Phillip Hartline.

 May 16, 2020
Dear Citizens of Dade County and Northwest Georgia, 

I will be endorsing ​Colton Moore for State Senate​. Colton isn’t afraid to challenge political power on behalf of the people he represents. He championed legislation to protect our gun rights, while Senator Mullis steered clear of offending his Atlanta support. Representative Moore authored legislation to bring discipline back to our public schools, without any acknowledgement from our ‘all powerful’ Senator. These political games drag our system down. 
Over a year ago Dade County purchased a half a million dollar plot of land to build a water reservoir with assurances from Senator Mullis that grant money would be available to complete the project. After meeting with Senator Mullis, my opinion is these claims are nothing more than political smooth talk. As a County Commissioner, I prefer a State Senator to refrain from sugar coated political ego. 
I have quickly learned as Dade County Commissioner that other local elected officials are more concerned with making Senator Mullis happy than the concerns of the constituents they represent. As elected officials, constituents should come first, not political peeking order. 
I am glad Representative Moore is challenging Senator Mullis. I find Mr. Moore to be thoughtful in finding solutions with policy and using common sense when resolving controversial issues. Mr. Moore will tell you his opinion without a warm, fuzzy political doublespeak, unlike Mullis who speaks to what you want to hear. Maybe Moore’s challenge should help Senator Mullis make good on the loose promises of state grant money. It’s time to find a solution to Dade County’s reservoir debacle. 
Personally, I can understand why Mr. Moore decided to run for state senate. If reasonable policy has  been overlooked or hindered by those with higher office, I see no reservations in making a challenge for that higher office.


I encourage you to vote for Colton Moore to be our next State Senator. ​Early voting starts Monday!

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