Letter to the Editor: What Does a House Rep Do All Day?

May 27, 2020


Editor's Note: This is a letter to the editor from John Deffenbaugh, who served several terms as Dade's district rep in the Georgia House of Representatives and is currently a candidate for the same position.


I would like to examine the role of the Representative in the Georgia House of Representatives. The first thing that we all think of is creating legislation to make new laws, that is our title, lawmaker.


Each year there are thousands of bills that come before the House. Some are for new laws and some are for changes to existing laws. Only a couple hundred of those will make it to the floor to be voted on.


What does a Representative do the rest of the time? The simple answer is to help constituents with problems they may have. A Representative should develop contacts in government and businesses. It seems simple, but those resources take an extended effort and time to develop. This part of being a Representative is what I felt was the most fulfilling part of the position. Citizens can, and should when needed, contact their Representative for assistance.


Previously, I worked with veterans, the prison system, issues related to human trafficking, and the opioid crisis and I would like to continue serving to that end; while also, pursuing legislation to mandate the teaching in our schools of our form of government to prevent the insidious growth of socialism.


I ask for your vote on June 9 and throughout this election cycle.


--John Deffenbaugh

Cell  423-400-8128


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