Time for Tea Trivia! (Tidbit)

May 30, 2020

Did you know that June is Iced Tea Month? June 10 is National Iced Tea Day. Let’s celebrate by learning a trivial factoid about tea:


Before World War II, about 40 percent of tea drunk in our nation was green tea. During the war supplies of green tea from China were cut off while India and Ceylon continued shipping black tea. Americans made the switch, a simple matter of supply and demand. 


Whether sweetened or not, iced tea is typically brewed from black tea.


Master gardener Ann Bartlett faithfully produces four informative and entertainin' gardening articles a month. When a month has five Saturdays, though, Ann often finds herself lying on the couch with a washcloth over her eyes, sipping not iced tea but some weird infusion she makes with cucumbers and citrus fruit (you gotta remember she's from California, and forgive). Anyhoo, on fifth Saturdays Ann figures enough is enough and feeds us these "tidbits" to tide us over until the next week.

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