Go (Virtual) Road-Trippin' Across the USA With Dade 4-H

We are starting a new series of posts on our Dade County 4-H Facebook page called Road Trippin’ Across the USA. This series will take us through all the regions of our great country as we look at the local food, agricultural products, outdoor recreation and museums of each area.


The weekly video and daily posts will be for everyone, but we have a special treat for our Dade County 4-H students. Each week we will prepare a 4-H Activity Kit related to the region we are touring. You must preregister for the kit by Thursday of each

week to be able to pick up that kit at the Ag Center on Monday of the following week.


Here is the timeline for the first week:

1) Required - Pre-register for next week’s 4-H Activity Kit by Thursday, June 4th, at 5pm.

2) Required - Pick up the 4-H Activity Kit at the Ag Center on Monday, June 8. Pick-up protocol will be given out when you pre-register. You may only pick up a 4-H Activity Kit if you pre-register.

3) Optional - Watch the Dade County 4-H Facebook page video for information on the region related to that week’s 4-H Activity Kit. The Week 1 video will be posted on June 8 at 11 a.m., but it is recorded, so you may watch it any time.

4) Optional - Attend the Dade County 4-H Zoom meeting at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10, for instructions on the activities in your 4-H Activity Kit or to show others

 what you have already completed. We will also have announcements about upcoming 4-H activities and a Zoom Around the Room Scavenger Hunt.


We will follow this schedule through the end of July. Our registration deadline will always be the Thursday before 4-H Activity Kits are picked up on Monday. Areas of the United States we will be “traveling” to include June 8 – Midwest, June 15 – West, June 22 – Southwest, June 29 – Northeast, July 6 – Southeast (west side), July 13 – Southeast (east side), July 20 – Washington, D.C., July 27 – all around Georgia.


You may register for a 4-H Activity Kit each week by calling the Dade County UGA Extension/4-H office at (706) 657-4116 or by emailing your child’s name and grade to dade.extension@uga.edu. If you have more than one child in your household, you will need one kit per child. If you have children/grandchildren visiting from outside Dade County, you can still register them for a 4-H Activity Kit while they are in town.


Our first road trip will be through the Midwest. Register by Thursday, June 4, for the Monday, June 8, 4-H Activity Kit about the Midwest. The Midwest is known as the Breadbasket of the U.S., so you know there will be some seed planting in that activity kit!


Tune in next week for more details on our trip through the Midwest!

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