News Bulletin: Incumbents Win The Day; SPLOST Renewed, Sunday Sales OKed

June 10, 2020

It's been a funny election season and it was a funny election night--a much longer one than usual--but it doesn't look like much will change in Dade County after tonight's Republican primary. 


Dade County Executive Chairman Ted "The Boss" Rumley (left)  easily kept his seat against opponent Nathan Wooten, and both the incumbent district county commissioners up for reelection this  year also beat out their challengers.


Jerry Henegar v. incumbent District 3 Commissioner Robert Goff was something of a squeaker, but it became evident early in the evening that Dade's SPLOST (special purpose local option sales tax), which the voters had the option of renewing or not this year, was going nowhere. It passed easily. So did Sunday sales of alcohol in Dade.


Dr. Jayne Griffin took by far the most votes for the only contested Dade Board of Educated seat though because it was a three-way case and she did garner more than 50 percent of the total vote, at evening's end it appeared a runoff election would be necessary. Detail later.


In the Georgia House of Representatives District 1 race, John Deffenbaugh took Dade fairly handily, and in the Georgia Senate race Dade chose its native son Colton Moore by a good margin--but both must take voters in other counties to win.


The Planet will report those numbers, as well as those in the county races, in a more complete article on Wednesday.




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